101 It sounds great! 聽起來很不錯。
102 It's a fine day. 今天是個好天。
103 So far, so good. 目前還不錯。
104 What time is it? 幾點了?
105 You can make it! 你能做到!
106 Control yourself! 克制一下!
107 He came by train. 他乘火車來。
108 He is ill in bed. 他臥病在床。
109 He lacks courage. 他缺乏勇氣。
110 How's everything? 一切還好吧?
111 I have no choice. 我別無選擇。
112 I like ice-cream. 我喜歡吃冰淇淋。
113 I love this game. 我鍾愛這項運動。
114 I'll try my best. 我盡力而為。
115 I'm on your side. 我全力支援你。
116 Long time no see! 好久不見!
117 No pain, no gain. 不勞無獲。
118 Well, it depends. 噢,這得看情況。
119 We're all for it. 我們全都同意。
120 What a good deal! 真便宜!
121 What should I do? 我該怎麼辦?
122 You asked for it! 你自討苦吃!
123 You have my word. 我保證。
124 Believe it or not! 信不信由你!
125 Don't count on me. 別指望我。
126 Don't fall for it! 別上當!
127 Don't let me down. 別讓我失望。
128 Easy come easy go. 來得容易,去得快。
129 I beg your pardon. 請你原諒。
130 I beg your pardon? 請您再說一遍 (我沒有聽清)。
131 I'll be back soon. 我馬上回來。
132 I'll check it out. 我去查查看。
133 It's a long story 說來話長。
134 It's Sunday today 今天是星期天。
135 Just wait and see! 等著瞧!
136 Make up your mind. 做個決定吧。
137 That's all I need. 我就要這些。
138 The view is great. 景色多麼漂亮!
139 The wall has ears. 隔墻有耳。
140 There comes a bus. 汽車來了。
141 What day is today? 今天星期幾?
142 What do you think? 你怎麼認為?
143 Who told you that? 誰告訴你的?
144 Who's kicking off? 現在是誰在開球?
145 Yes, I suppose so. 是的,我也這麼認為。
146 You can't miss it. 你一定能找到的。
147 Any messages for me? 有我的留言嗎?
148 Don't be so modest. 別謙虛了。
149 Don't give me that! 少來這套!
150 He is a smart boy. 他是個小機靈鬼。
151 He is just a child. 他只是個孩子。
152 I can't follow you. 我不懂你說的。
153 I felt sort of ill. 我感覺有點不適。
154 I have a good idea! 我有一個好主意。
155 It is growing cool. 天氣漸漸涼爽起來。
156 It seems all right. 看來這沒問題。
157 It's going too far. 太離譜了。
158 May I use your pen? 我可以用你的筆嗎?
159 She had a bad cold. 她患了重感冒。
160 That's a good idea. 這個主意真不錯。
161 The answer is zero. 白忙了。
162 What does she like? 她喜歡什麼?
163 As soon as possible! 越快越好!
164 He can hardly speak. 他幾乎說不出話來。
165 He always talks big. 他總是吹牛。
166 He won an election. 他在選舉中獲勝。
167 I am a football fan. 我是個足球迷。
168 If only I could fly. 要是我能飛就好了。
169 I'll be right there. 我馬上就到。
170 I'll see you at six. 我六點鐘見你。
171 Is it true or false? 這是對的還是錯的?
172 Just read it for me. 就讀給我聽好了。
173 Knowledge is power. 知識就是力量。
174 Move out of my way! 讓開!
175 Time is running out. 沒時間了。
176 We are good friends. 我們是好朋友。
177 What's your trouble? 你哪兒不舒服?
178 You did fairly well! 你幹得相當不錯。
179 Clothes make the man. 人要衣裝。
180 Did you miss the bus? 你錯過公共汽車了?
181 Don't lose your head. 不要驚慌失措。
182 He can't take a joke. 他開不得玩笑。
183 He owes my uncle $100. 他欠我叔叔100美元。
184 How are things going? 事情進展得怎樣?
185 How are you recently? 最近怎麼樣?
186 I know all about it. 我知道有關它的一切。
187 It really takes time. 這樣太耽誤時間了。
188 It's against the law. 這是違法的。
189 Love me, love my dog. 愛屋及烏。 (諺語)
190 My mouth is watering. 我要流口水了。
191 Speak louder, please. 說話請大聲點兒。
192 This boy has no job. 這個男孩沒有工作。
193 This house is my own. 這所房子是我自己的。
194 What happened to you? 你怎麼了?
195 You are just in time. 你來得正是時候。
196 You need to workout. 你需要去運動鍛鍊一下。
197 Your hand feels cold. 你的手摸起來很冷。
198 Don't be so childish. 別這麼孩子氣。
199 Don't trust to chance! 不要碰運氣。
200 Fasten your seat belt. 繫好你的安全帶。


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