SP Spontaneous Potential
AIT Array Induction Imager Tool
ALAT Azimuthal Laterolog
CFRT Cased-hole Formation Resistivity
DIFL Dual Induction Focussed log
DIT Dual Induction Tool
DLL Dual Laterolog
DLT Dual Laterolog Tool
DPIL Dual Phase Induction log
DST Dual Laterolog Tool with SRT
ES Electrical Survey Tool
HALS HILT Azimuthal Laterolog Sonde
HDIL High Definition Induction log
HIT Hostile Array Induction Tool
HRI High Resolution Induction
HRLT High Resolution Laterolog Array Tool
IEL Induction Electrolog
IES Induction Electrical Survey
IRT Induction Resistivity Tool
MCFL Micro-Cylindrically Focused Logging Device
MDLT Medium Dual Laterolog Tool
MDST Medium Dual Laterolog SFL Tool
MLL Microlaterologlog Tool (predates digital era)
MLT Microlog Tool
MPT Microlog Proximity Tool
SAIT Slimhole Array Induction Tool
SMRT Slim Micro Resistivity Tool
SRT Micro Spherically Focused Resistivity Tool
CALI Generalized Caliper

AACT Aluminium Activation Clay Tool
AGS Aluminum Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Sonde
APS Accelerator Porosity Sonde
CDL Compensated Densilog
CGRS Compact Gamma Ray Sonde
CNT Compensated Neutron Tool
ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy Sonde
FDC Compensated Formation Density Log
FGT Formation Gamma Gamma Tool
GNT Gamma Neutron Tool
GPT Gamma Ray Perforating Tool
GRT Gamma Ray Tool
GST Gamma Spectroscopy Tool
HGNS HILT Gamma-Ray Neutron Sonde
HLDS Hostile Litho-Density Sonde
HLDT Hostile Environment Litho Density Tool
HNGS Hostile Natural Gamma Ray Spectrometry Sonde
HNGT Hostile Natural Gamma Ray Spectrometry Tool
HSGT Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Tool
LDS Litho Density Sonde (for IPLT)
LDT Litho Density Tool
MIST Multiple Isotope Spectroscopy Tool
MSGT Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool
NDT Neutron Depth Tool
NGS Natural Gamma Ray Spectrometry Sonde
NGT Natural Gamma Ray Spectrometry Tool
NPLT Nuclear Porosity Lithology Tool
PGGT Powered Gun Gamma Ray Tool
PGT Formation Density Tool
PNT Sidewall Neutron Tool
PSGT Pulsed Spectral Gamma Tool
RST Reservoir Saturation Tool
SGT Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool
SLDT Slimhole Litho-Density Tool
SNPD Sidewall Neutron Tool
SSGT Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool
SWT Water Saturation Tool
SWTS Water Saturation Tool Sonde
TDT Thermal Decay Time Tool
ZDL Compensated Z-Densilog
CMR Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool
MRIL Magnetic Resonance Imaging Log
NMT Nuclear Magnetism Tool
GHMT Geological High Sensitivity Magnetic Tool

CSAT Combined Seismic Acquisition Tool
CWRT Cross Well Receiver Tool
DSA Downhole Seismic Array
DSLT Digitizing Sonic Logging Tool
DSST Dipole Shear Sonic Imager Tool
DWST Digital Waveform Sonic Tool
LSS Long Spaced Sonic Tool
QSST Quick Shot Seismic Tool
SAT Seismic Acquisition Tool
SDT Sonic Digital Tool
SLT Sonic Logging Tool
SSLT SLIM Sonic Logging Tool
VSIT Versatile Seismic Imager Tool
WST Well Seismic Tool
AMS Auxiliary Measurement Service Log
AMS Auxiliary Measurement Sonde
EMS Environment Measurement Sonde
HDT High Resolution Dipmeter Tool
OBDT Oil Base Mud Dipmeter Tool
SHDT Stratigraphic High Resolution Dipmeter Tool
AST Acoustic Scanner Tool
BHTV Borehole Televiewer
CMT Circumferential Microsonic Tool
FBST Full Bore Scanner Tool
MEST Micro-Electrical Scanner Tool
OBMT Oil Base Mud Formation Imager Tool
UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager
UCI Ultrasonic Corrosion Imager
USIT Ultrasonic Imaging Tool
BGS Borehole Geometry Sonde
BGT Borehole Geometry Tool
GCT Guidance Continuous Tool
GPIT General Purpose Inclinometry Tool
CERT Correlatable Electromagnetic Recovery Tool
FPIT Free Point Indicator Tool

CCL Casing Collar Locator
SCCL Slim Casing Collar Locator
CIT Casing Inspection Tool
CPET Corrosion Protection Evaluation Tool
ETT Electromagnetic Thickness Tool
TGT / TGS Tubing Geometry Tool
MFCT Multi-Finger Caliper Tool
PAT Pipe Analysis Tool
PHAT Pit and Hole Analysis Tool
CBL Cement Bond Log
CBT Cement Bond Tool
CET Cement Evaluation Tool
HCMT HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) Slim Cement Mapping Tool
SCMT Slim Cement Mapping Tool
SBT Segmented Bond Tool
SLT Sonic Logging Tool
VDL Variable Density Log
DPT Dielectric Propagation Tool
EPT Electromagnetic Propagation Tool
MPBT Mechanical Plug Back Tool
SPPT Production Packer Tool

GUN Perforating Gun
MWPT Measurement While Perforating Tool
PERFO Perforating (Dummy) Tool
FET Formation Evaluation Tool
FMT Formation Muti-Tester
MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester
MRTT Modular Reservoir Test Tool (MDT)
MSCT Mechanical Sidewall Coring Tool
RCI Reservoir Characterization Instrument
RFT Repeat Formation Tester
SFT Selective Formation Tester
SPFT Slim Packer Fluid Analyzer Tool
WTPT Well Test Pressure Tool



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