1.Don't be a yes /no man , be a good lieutenant.
Offer polite, constructive criticism, and do your best to see how your boss's plans are feasible。

2.Give your realistic deadlines告訴上司現實的截止日期
Give yourself a bit of extra time to get the job done properly, and if you get things done early, the boss will be impressed。

3.Get problems solved early 提前解決問題
Let your boss know immediately about any problems that crop up, he will be grateful if you give him enough time to solve it。

4. Personal appearance is important.個人形象很重要!
Dress professionally, keep a breath mint and comb handy, and make a clean and well-organized work station。

5.Take the initiative 積極主動
If you see there is room for improvement, write a proposal and float the idea to your boss。

6.Respect your boss's time 尊重上司的時間
Don't bother your boss if he is on phone or is elbows deep in work, and try to solve the problem if you can solve it yourself。

7.Take on your boss's unpleasant tasks 接受上司指派的讓人不愉快的任務
Volunteer to take on the nasty tasks that annoy your boss。

8.Speak up at meeting在會議上大聲發言
Try to have at least one well-informed opinion about the task at hand。

9.Put your boss at ease讓你的上司放鬆
Make a note of anything you and the boss have in common, and conduct a good relationship with your boss and co-workers。

10.Understand your shortcomings 認識自己的短處
Always be willing to learn a new skill to increase your personal effectives。

By following these 10 guidelines, you can build a healthy, productive relationship with your boss. And once you're on the boss's good side, it won't be long before he or she will tip off higher management about your talent and good attitude. And with any luck, it will be someone else following these 10 guidelines and trying to impress you。



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