201. It's incredible. 令人難以置信/不可思議。
202. It's just what I had in mind. 這正是我想要的。
203. It's my pleasure. 這是我的榮幸。
204. It's no big deal. 這沒什麼大不了的。
205. It's not your fault. 不是你的錯。
206. It's nothing. 小事情/不足掛齒。
207. It's only a matter of time. 這只是時間問題。
208. It's out of the question. 這是不可能的。
209. It's time for dinner. 該吃晚飯了。
210. It's up in the air. 尚未決定。
211. It's up to date. 這個很時興。
212. It's up to you. 一切由你決定。
213. It's very popular. 他很受歡迎。
214. It's worth seeing. 它絕對值得一看。
215. Just let it be. 就這樣吧。
216. Just to be on the safe side. 為安全起見。
217. Keep the change. 不用找了。
218. Keep up the good work. 再接再厲。
219. Keep your fingers crossed. 為成功祈禱吧。
220. Kill two birds with one stone. 一舉兩得。
221. Let me get back to you. 我過一會兒打給你吧。
222. Let me guess. 讓我猜一猜。
223. Let me put it this way. 讓我這麼說吧。
224. Let me see. 讓我想一想。
225. Let's call it a day. 我們今天就到這兒吧。
226. Let's celebrate! 讓我們好好慶祝一下吧!
227. Let's find out. 我們去問一下吧。
228. Let's get to the point. 讓我們言歸正傳。
229. Let's get together sometime. 有時間我們聚一下吧。
230. Let's hope for the best. 讓我們往好處想吧。
231. Let's keep in touch. 讓我們保持聯系。
232. Let's make up. 讓我們言歸于好吧。
233. Let's go visit them. 讓我們去拜訪他們吧。
234. Let's talk over dinner. 我們邊吃邊談吧。
235. Long time no see. 好久不見。
236. Look before you leap. 三思而後行。
237. May I ask you a question? 我可以問一個問題嗎?
238. May I have a receipt? 我可以要一張收據嗎?
239. May I have your name, please? 請問你叫什麼名字?
240. May I pay by credit card? 我可以用信用卡付款嗎?
241. May I try it on? 我能試穿一下嗎?
242. Maybe it will work. 也許這個辦法會有效。
243. Maybe some other time. 也許下一次吧。
244. My mouth is watering. 我在流口水了。
245. My phone was out of order. 我的電話壞了。
246. No pain, no gain. 不勞則無獲。
247. No problem. 沒問題。
248. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所願,無事不成。
249. Pain past is pleasure. 過去的痛苦即是快樂。
250. Please accept my apology. 請接受我的道歉。
251. Please don't blame yourself. 請不要責怪你自己。
252. Please leave me alone. 請別打擾我。
253. Please let me know. 請告訴我一聲。
254. Please make yourself at home. 請別客氣。
255. Please show me the menu. 請把菜單給我。
256. Probably. 可能吧。
257. So far, so good. 到目前為止還好。
258. Something must be done about it. 必須得想個辦法。
259. Something's come up. 發生了一些事。
260. Storms make trees take deeper roots. 風暴使樹木深深扎根。
261. Suit yourself. 隨你便。
262. Take care. 請多保重。
263. Take it or leave it. 要不要由你。
264. Take my word for it. 相信我的話。
265. Take your time. 慢慢來。
266. Thank you all the same. 不管怎樣還是要謝謝你。
267. Thank you for everything. 感謝你做的一切。
268. Thanks a million. 非常感謝。
269. Thanks for the warning. 謝謝你的提醒。
270. Thanks for your cooperation. 多謝合作。
271. That couldn't be better. 那再好不過了。
272. That depends. 看情況。
273. That makes sense. 那可以理解。
274. That reminds me. 那可提醒我了。
275. That rings a bell. 我總算想起來了。
276. That sounds like a good idea. 那聽上去是個好主意。
277. That's all right. 沒關係。
278. That's disgusting. 真討厭。
279. That's fair. 那樣公平。
280. That's for sure. 那是肯定的。
281. That's good to know. 幸好知道了這件事。
282. That's just what I was thinking. 我也是這麼想的。
283. That's life. 這就是生活。
284. That's more like it. 那樣才像話。
285. That's not a problem. 那沒問題。
286. That's not true. 那是不對的。
287. That's OK. 可以。
288. That's ridiculous. 那太荒唐了。
289. That's the way I look at it, too. 我也是這麼想。
290. That's the way it is. 就是這麼回事。
291. That's worthwhile. 那是值得的。
292. The same to you. 你也一樣。
293. The shortest answer is doing. 最簡短的回答就是行動。
294. The sooner, the better. 愈快愈好。
295. There is a call for you. 有你的電話。
296. There is no doubt about it. 那是毫無疑問的。
297. There is nothing I can do. 我無能為力。
298. There's a possibility. 有這個可能。
299. These things happen all the time. 這是常有的事。
300. This soup tastes great. 這個湯非常美味。


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