301. Time is money. 時間就是金錢。
302. Tomorrow never comes. 莫依賴明天。
303. Two heads are better than one. 人多智廣。
304. We are in the sme boat. 我們的處境相同。
305. We can get by. 我們過得去。
306. We can work it out. 我們可以解決這個問題。
307. We have a lot in common. 我們有很多相同之處。
308. We'll see. 再說吧。
309. What a coincidence! 真是太巧了!
310. What a shame! 真是遺憾!
311. What are you up to? 你在忙什麼呢?
312. What are you talking about? 你在說什麼?
313. What are your plans for the weekend? 你周末計畫做什麼?
314. What can I do for you? 要我幫忙嗎?
315. What do you do for relaxation? 你做什麼消遣?
316. What do you recommend? 你推薦什麼?
317. What do you think of my new car? 你覺得我的新車怎麼樣?
318. What do you think of it? 你覺得怎麼樣?
319. What is it about? 這是關于什麼的?
320. What is it like there? 那兒怎麼樣?
321. What makes you say so? 你怎麼這麼說?
322. What's going on? 發生什麼事了?
323. What's on your mind? 你在想什麼呢?
324. What's the deadline? 截止到什麼時候?
325. What's the matter with you? 你怎麼啦?
326. What's the purpose of your visit? 你來訪的目的是什麼?
327. What's the weather like? 天氣怎麼樣?
328. What's your favorite food? 你最喜歡的食物是什麼?
329. What's your job? 你做什麼工作?
330. Whatever you think is fine with me. 我隨你。
331. When is the most convenient time for you? 你什麼時候最方便?
332. When will it be ready? 什麼時候能準備好?
333. Where are you going? 你去哪兒?
334. Where can I check in? 在那兒辦理登記手續?
335. Where can I go for help? 我該怎麼辦?
336. Where do you live? 你住在哪兒?
337. Where have you been? 你去哪兒了?
338. Where is the rest room, please? 請問洗手間在哪兒?
339. Where were we? 我們說到哪兒了?
340. Who is in charge here? 這里誰負責?
341. Would you care for a drink? 你要不要來點兒喝的?
342. Would you do me a favor? 你能幫我一個忙嗎?
343. You are just saying that. 你只是說說而已。
344. You are kidding. 你開玩笑吧。
345. You are so considerate. 你真有心。
346. You can count on me. 你可以指望我。
347. You can say that again. 我同意。
348. You can't complain. 你該知足了。
349. You deserve it. 這是你應得的。
350. You did a good job. 你幹得很好。
351. You get what you pay for. 一分錢一分貨。
352. You got a good deal. 你買得真便宜。
353. You need a vacation. 你需要休息。
354. You never know. 世事難料。
355. You said it. 你算說對了。
356. You should give it a try. 你應該試一試。
357. You should take advantage of it. 你應該好好利用這個機會。
358. You will be better off. 你的狀況會好起來的。
359. You will have to wait and see. 你得等一等看。
360. You'll get used to it. 你會習慣的。
361. You've dialed the wrong number. 你撥錯電話號碼了。
362. You've got a point there. 你說的有道理。
363. You've got it. 你明白了。
364. You've made a good choice. 你的眼力不錯。
365. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 包你滿意


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