301 Did you enter the contest? 你參加比賽了嗎?
302 Do you accept credit cards? 你們收信用卡嗎?
303 Don't cry over spilt milk. 覆水難收,後悔無益。
304 Don't let chances pass by. 不要讓機會從我們身邊溜走。
305 He owned himself defeated. 他承認自己失敗了。
306 He seems a little nervous. 他顯得有點緊張。
307 He strolls about the town. 他在鎮上四處遛達。
308 Her tooth ached all night 她牙疼了一整夜。
309 How about a drink tonight? 今晚喝一杯怎樣?
310 I can do nothing but that. 我只會做那件事。
311 I get hold of you at last. 我終於找到你了。
312 I have a surprise for you. 我有一個意想不到的東西給你看。
313 I like all kinds of fruit. 我喜歡各種各樣的水果。
314 I saw it with my own eyes. 我親眼所見。
315 I will arrange everything. 我會安排一切的。
316 I wish I knew my neighbor. 我很想認識我的鄰居。
317 I would like to check out. 我想結帳。
318 It has become much cooler. 天氣變得涼爽多了。
319 It's time you went to bed. (It's time for bed.) 你早就該睡覺了。
320 No spitting on the street. 禁止在大街上吐痰。
321 She was totally exhausted. 她累垮了。
322 Show your tickets, please. 請出示你的票。
323 Thank you for your advice. 謝謝你的建議。
324 That's the latest fashion. 這是最流行的款式。
325 The train arrived on time. 火車準時到達。
326 There go the house lights. 劇院的燈光滅了。
327 They are paid by the hour. 他們按時計酬。
328 Things are getting better. 情況正在好轉。
329 Wake me up at five thirty. 請在五點半叫醒我。
330 We are all busy with work. 我們都忙於工作。
331 Where do you want to meet? 你想在哪兒見面?
332 You can get what you want. 你能得到你想要的。
333 A barking dog doesn't bite! 吠犬不咬人。
334 Are you free this Saturday? 你這個星期六有空嗎?
335 Be careful not to fall ill. 注意不要生病了。
336 Being a mother is not easy. 做一個母親是不容易的。
337 Brevity is the soul of wit. 簡潔是智慧的精華。
338 Cancer is a deadly disease. 癌症是一種致命的疾病。
339 Did you fight with others? 你又和別人打架了嗎?
340 Don't dream away your time. 不要虛度光陰。
341 Don't keep me waiting long. 不要讓我等得太久。
342 He has a remarkable memory. 他有驚人的記憶力。
343 He has completed the task. 他完成了這個任務。
344 He has quite a few friends. 他有不少的朋友。
345 He is capable of any crime. 他什麼樣的壞事都能幹得出來。
346 He walks with a quick pace. 他快步走路。
347 He was not a little tired. 他很累。
348 His looks are always funny. 他的樣子總是滑稽可笑。
349 How about going to a movie? 去看場電影怎麼樣?
350 I think I've caught a cold. 我想我得了感冒。
351 I was taking care of Sally. 我在照顧莎莉。
352 I wish I lived in New York. 我希望住在紐約。
353 I'm very glad to hear that. 很高興聽你這樣說。
354 I'm your lucky fellow then. 我就是你的幸運舞伴啦!
355 It's none of your business! 這不關你的事兒!
356 No littering on the campus. 在校園內不準亂丟廢物。
357 She is a good-looking girl. 她是一個漂亮女孩。
358 She mended the broken doll. 她修補了破了的洋娃娃。
359 So I just take what I want. 那麼我只拿我所需要的東西。
360 Spring is a pretty season. 春天是一個好季節。
361 The figure seems all right. 數目看起來是對的。
362 The stars are too far away. 星星太遙遠了。
363 The whole world knows that. 全世界都知道。
364 Tomorrow will be a holiday. 明天放假。
365 We walk on the garden path. 我們走在花園小徑上。
366 What you need is just rest. 你需要的就是休息。
367 What are your favorite steps? 你最喜歡跳什麼舞?
368 You'd better let her alone. 你們最好是讓她一個人呆會兒。
369 A lost chance never returns. 錯過的機會永不再來。
370 Don't let this get you down. 不要為此灰心喪氣。
371 He shot the lion with a gun. 他用槍把獅子打死了。
372 I don't think you are right. 我認為你是不對的。
373 I have never seen the movie. 我從未看過那部電影。
374 I haven't seen you for ages. 我好久沒見到你了。
375 I was alone, but not lonely. 我獨自一人,但並不覺得寂寞。
376 I went there three days ago. 我三天前去過那兒。
377 It's a friendly competition. 這是一場友誼賽。
378 It's very thoughtful of you. 你想得真週到。
379 May I speak to Lora, please? 我能和蘿拉說話嗎?
380 Mr. Wang is fixing his bike. 王先生在修他的自行車。
381 My brother is seeking a job. 我弟弟正在找工作。
382 Nancy will retire next year. 南希明年就退休了。
383 Neither you nor he is wrong. 你沒錯,他也沒錯。
384 Opportunity knocks but once. 機不可失,時不再來。
385 She dressed herself hastily. 她匆忙穿上衣服。
386 She hired a car by the hour. 她租了一輛按鐘點計費的汽車。
387 Someone is ringing the bell. 有人在按門鈴。
388 The Smiths are my neighbors. 史密斯一家是我的鄰居。
389 These shoes don't fit right. 這雙鞋不太合適。
390 This is only the first half. 這才是上半場呢。
391 This pen doesn't write well. 這鋼筆不好寫。
392 Would you like a cup of tea? 你想喝杯茶嗎?
393 You really look sharp today. 你今天真漂亮。
394 Another cat came to my house. 又有一隻貓來到我家了。
395 Check your answers with mine. 把你的答案跟我的核對一下。
396 Don't keep the truth from me. 別瞞著我事實真相。
397 Everything has its beginning. 凡事都有開端。
398 He came to the point at once. 他一下子就說到了點子上。
399 He fell behind with his work. 他工作落後了。
400 He is the happiest man alive. 他是世界上最快樂的人。


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